Stamey’s in Our State

The real monument to Stamey is not the restaurant, but the pit building, which is by far the largest and best equipped in the state.   I moved to Greensboro in 1972 as a young television reporter for WFMY-TV, and in those days, you just didn’t argue about some things. Stamey’s reputation for having the best barbecue in Greensboro was one of them. At that time, the rambling, white-frame restaurant across from the Greensboro Coliseum was the end result of several remodeling projects and additions made since the original drive-in opened in 1953. Traffic on W. Gate City Blvd wasn’t as heavy back then, and crowds from the Big Four and ACC basketball tournaments used to line the boulevard, waiting for breaks between oncoming cars, so they could dash across the avenue to Stamey’s between games. Occasionally, newspaper and television reporters and photographers from around the Triad shared a table at the restaurant. I can clearly remember sipping iced tea and listening to a young New York native rejoice about landing a reporting job back in North Carolina, where he had attended college. “Man, I’ve eaten barbecue and hush puppies here every day since I got back,” he exclaimed proudly.

Today, Stamey’s occupies a newer, lodge-style building, constructed on the same site in the 1980s. It’s fitting that its quarters are probably the most impressive among all the barbecue restaurants in North Carolina. Stamey’s is, after all, one of the proudest names in the business.  Click Here for the Full Story