Podcast highlights Stamey’s role in Lexington Barbecue


Click link above to listen to an interesting story about Lexington Barbecue and the role Stamey’s has in it’s history……..

Lexington, North Carolina calls itself the “Barbecue Capital of the World.” (In fact, the state legislature got a little more specific about it, dubbing the city “the Hickory Smoked Barbecue Capital of North Carolina.”) For more than one hundred years, pitmasters there have been cooking pork shoulders slowly over coals from a wood fire, and slicking them with a sweet, vinegary, red barbecue sauce.

And so, when Lexington officials began to renovate a municipal building, they were thrilled by an unexpected barbecue-related discovery. In this episode of Gravy, Sarah Delia takes us to Lexington to learn what that was, and what it might mean for a barbecue landscape in which some are worried history is being forgotten.

Image result for charles c stamey1st Generation:  C. Warner Stamey

Stameys 2nd Gen




2nd Generation: Charles Stamey and Keith Stamey




Stameys - 3rd & 4th Gen



3rd Generation: Chip Stamey & with 4th Generation Craver & Chaz Stamey