Lexington Barbecue

Lexington style barbecueAsk anyone in North Carolina and most will tell you, Lexington Barbecue is the best.  Lexington style barbecue, sometimes called Piedmont style, uses a vinegar based sauce that is seasoned to each barbecue aficionado’s taste.  Most tend to season it with ketchup, pepper and a different array of spices.  Here, at Stamey’s, our Lexington style barbecue sauce is a southern staple.

The Piedmont style barbecue only uses the meat from a pork shoulder.  As with all barbecue, especially in North Carolina, the seasoning and cooking style can vary.  At Stamey’s, we’ve stayed true to tradition and taste.  Our pork shoulders are pit cooked for 8 to 10 hours.  We slow cook our pork shoulders to perfection over hardwood hickory coals.  Stamey’s pitmasters come in before the sun comes up to start the process.  This has been a tradition of ours since we started in 1930.

Once our Lexington style barbecue is done in the pit, we serve it chopped, sliced and even offer whole pork shoulders for sale.   All of our plates and sandwiches are served with red slaw, or barbecue slaw, which is made with the same ingredients of our famous barbecue sauce instead of the usual mayonnaise.  We stay true to the recipe which is why we have so many loyal customers.

Not only is our barbecue famous but our way of dining is too.  Southern hospitality is another one of Stamey’s priorities.  Friendly service with a smile and a family atmosphere is what you will find here.  We offer a Kid’s Menu for the little ones and dessert options for those with a sweet tooth.  Our homemade cobbler is said to be the best around.

If you are looking for a Greensboro restaurant that offers Lexington style barbecue, look no further than Stamey’s.  We have two locations to serve you.  We look forward to seeing you for lunch or dinner six days a week (Stamey’s is closed Sunday).