Kickstart The Great NC BBQ Map

Amanda & Paul are cataloguing every barbecue restaurant in the state to create the most comprehensive guide to North Carolina barbecue. With over 250 restaurants, shacks, and eateries, The Great NC BBQ Map will include everything from those hole-in-the-wall heritage spots to the more modern interpretations in a printed road-map format. Through an infographic-style approach, we’ll designate which restaurants serve whole hog or shoulder, Eastern or Piedmont style sauce, and if they smoke their meat the traditional way. We’ll also touch on some NC barbecue history.

We must meet our $10,000 funding goal through Kickstarter by March 27 to take this project to print. Anyone can help by pre-ordering a map or choosing any of the other rewards we have to offer. You’ll find everything you need to know about the project on our Kickstarter campaign page.