Familiar Skaters from 2011 are back in Greensboro

aaron… “I want to show people how much of fire is burning in my stomach.”

There’s also a hunger in his stomach – for North Carolina barbecue.

When Aaron reminisced about the 2011 (us skating) nationals, one thing immediately came to mind: memories of the pulled pork and baked beans from Stamey’s, the restaurant that is a Greensboro institution located just steps away from the arena.

“My sister and I just loved that place,” Aaron said. “We’re looking forward to getting back there. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.”

Max Aaron, who won the men’s junior national title back in 2011, is hoping Greensboro will prove to be a good-luck spot for him this time around.

Greensboro was also a good place for Aaron’s sister, Madeline, who won the novice pairs title in 2011 with partner, Max Settlage. They won the 2014 junior title and will be making their senior debut in Greensboro this year.

Max Aaron, meanwhile, comes to Greensboro “looking for my title shot.” Aaron, who trains in Colorado Springs, said he is packing some quadruple jumps for this competition.

“I want to deliver what I have been training,” Aaron said. “I want to skate well, especially at this event the year after the Olympics. I just missed it, so I really want to lay it down and start building for the next Olympics….

excerpt for Amy Rosewater Article