Barbecue Restaurants

In North Carolina, barbecue restaurants are in high demand, especially those that serve the “Lexington Style” barbecue.  We take our barbecue seriously.  What style of North Carolina barbecue is the best, eastern or western style?  The answer is simple.  Which ever ones serve authentic wood pit cooked pork barbecue.

cooked pork shoulderOur barbecue is cooked for 10 hours over hardwood hickory coals, just imagine that savory taste!  Our pitmasters come in early in the morning to start the cooking process.  10 hours later, you have tender barbecue – perfect for chopping or slicing.  What goes great with the barbecue?  Our homemade red slaw and hushpuppies, that’s what!  Finish it off with some homemade cobbler.

Warner Stamey learned barbecue from Lexington, NC barbecue pioneers, Jess Swicegood and Sid Weaver.  They taught Stamey everything there was to know about pit cooking barbecue. After selling his own barbecue to his hometown of Shelby, NC, in 1938, he came back to Lexington and bought the Swicegood’s Barbecue from his former mentor.  He renamed it Stamey’s and the rest is history.  People come from all around North Carolina, out of state, to visit this BBQ restaurant.  Mothers send pounds of Stamey’s barbecue to kids away at college to give them something special from home.

The secret sauce recipe has been in the Stamey family for generations.  And don’t worry, they sell it by the bottle or gallon here!  Don’t ask Warner’s grandson Chip what’s in the sauce, he will never reveal the secret.  Stamey’s southern hospitality is no secret though.  You can always expect service with a smile, a full glass of tea and a family atmosphere here.